An Innovative Company

A multidisciplinary team, passionate and fully involved in the goal: to turn ideas into spaces. Experience and professionalism combined in creating tangible realities.




When the experience and professionalism of two leading Costa Blanca companies combine on the same project, the result is a unique and innovative concept in the design and construction of spaces where quality and exclusivity are at the forefront.

Our concept projects are the result of a deep ambition to design a series of high-quality houses in privileged geographic locations, using only the finest International materials.
A task like this is only possible if it is faced from a global perspective and appeals to an International clientele who appreciate the great efforts made to achieve a truly authentic and distinctive result.

One of our fortes is not just providing solutions to meet the demands of our clients, but providing added value to those solutions. This is made possible by our extensive design and consultation team, with the logistics to carry out a wide variety of construction projects.


We are inspired by the nature and culture that surrounds us, its qualities and human potential, and we harness these aspects to find a deeper relationship between the site and the individual. We believe that unique and personalised architecture shows respect and passion for our native land and our profession. Driven and dedicated, we are committed to creating spaces where emotion and life, weaved together with the material world, truly gain meaning.

Dialogue with the client is the fundamental pillar of our business. Our clients participate and follow us every step of the way, and we give special attention to all of their demands.

Our goal is not just mere architecture with plain aesthetics and functionality, but to create clear and surprising spaces that inspire emotional responses which surpass the clients' expectations. To us, the smallest detail has meaning. We establish connections with the surrounding environment, undisguised and generous, enhancing it and extracting all of its virtues.

Our projects reject banal and impersonal architecture, alienated from its surroundings and imposing itself on the landscape. We co-design alongside mother nature in order to achieve a harmonious design that pays homage to the uniqueness of each site, while providing contemporary spaces that suit modern lifestyles.


For our concept projects we have selected twenty-eight sites with high environmental value due to their views, placement, vegetation and surroundings. These unique locations enjoy the combination of sea views and nature, enhanced by all the virtues of the Mediterranean landscape.

Our objective is to build unique houses that respond to each of the chosen sites, providing the most appropriate solutions to the needs of the client and the environment, thus aiming to achieve a perfect, final product. Special attention has been made to harness the full potential of each sites' location, and to ensure the home maintains a dialogue with its physical and cultural environment.

This would not be possible without the support and trust of Inhabitat who have a firm belief in the importance of differentiated, personalised and timeless architecture. Our construction methods are at the forefront of European building, and only the highest quality sustainable materials are chosen to enhance the distinctive sites in each of the Inhabitat Study Houses.


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