MAJESTIC VOLUMETRICS – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH17

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 17 Continuous and united spaces open out to nature providing interior-exterior visual relations concealed beneath a great concrete volume which balances on top of the dry-stone walls stemming from the vertical incision in the ground. This quiet cul-de-sac location takes in the essence of the Mediterranean seaside, with the clean scent of the..

SPATIAL SEDUCTIVITY – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH15

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 15 Within the leafy forests of trees and shrubs bathed by the warm coastal sunlight, an unusually curved plot with a panoramic view of the majestic Mediterranean Sea is the starting-point for creating a lookout house: avant-garde architecture in the shape of a bay window that is carefully concealed within the natural vegetation,..

IBIZAN MAGNETISM – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH16

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 16 On the Southeast coast of Ibiza, the exclusive residential area of Can Rimbau is the chosen location for Inhabitat’s very first project on the Balearic Islands. A commodious and functional home, which combines a unique enclave within the Mediterranean Sea with a timeless architecture of striking lines in an environment where traditional..

EVERLASTING ELEGANCE – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH09

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 09 A viewpoint overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Ifach Rock … a house with unbeatable views and climate due to its exceptional location and orientation. A concrete lookout leaning on the autochthonous dry stone … located in a privileged area of the Mediterranean coast, the house seeks respect for its natural..

PURENESS & SERENITY – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH10

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 10 This captivating and enchanting property is located between Calpe and Moraira in the municipality of Teulada, on the Northern Costa Blanca. The villa is surrounded by gorgeous flora typical to this area of the Mediterranean coast and enjoys the most breathtaking and serene views to Cabo de Oro and Peñón de..

ELEVATED LIVING – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH08

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 08 Located 120 meters above sea level this stunning villa boasts sweeping views from the coast of Moraira to Calpe. The dry-stone basement walls simulate the traditional agricultural terracing and serve to support a sturdy square volume of grey concrete. This robust volume, that accommodates the tranquil sleeping area and includes a..

VERSATILITY – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH06

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 06 A perfect retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day stresses. Surrounded by pine trees with the Mediterranean Sea as a reference point… this combination of natural elements is possible in project ISH06: a practical house, integrated into the environment, which marries the native vegetation with panoramic views of the..

TEMPERANCE & MAGNIFICENCE – Inhabitat Concept Project ISH07

INHABITAT STUDY HOUSE 07 Enjoying the Mediterranean climate with sea views … A house located in a strategic point. The distinctive colours of the native vegetation and the privileged views to the bright blue sea enrich the location enabling a quiet and integrated experience. With a solid exposed concrete roof, the house contrasts respectfully with..

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