About Inhabitat

At our design studio we marry the unique qualities of each terrain with innovative design solutions that enhance the human experience.

There is no more satisfying task than drawing inspiration from that which already surrounds us.
On the Mediterranean coast, and especially on the Eastern Spanish Costas and the Balearics, we are blessed with dramatic natural landscapes, beautiful raw materials and traditional cultures which are rich in history and art.

Because people are the focus in any meaningful architecture our methodology involves a detailed investigation of our clients’ requirements, and a close collaboration throughout the project.
Through this process we infuse and integrate our clients’ requirements into an unified design, which offers simplicity, comfort, practicality and delights and enhances the human experience.

Energy efficiency, longevity and soundness of construction and materials, are key sustainability concerns.
The poetry and symmetry of our architectural designs are the result of over 30 years of construction experience and inspiration drawn from the natural landscapes and regional cultures.

Innovative Customer Attention & Guarantees

We provide constant communication and feedback about the progress of our builds, and their construction schedules. Each site is equipped with a webcam which the client can access via Internet 24/7.

Our construction contracts and legal documents are compliant with Spanish legislation, and all payments on our account are backed by bank guarantees for the entire construction process. Financial soundness should be another crucial factor of yours when selecting a property developer in Spain, and it’s what allows our clients peace of mind when building their dream home in Spain.

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